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Maintenance and Support Plans

Trusted Support for your Application

Keep your application in shape and up to date. Without the proper support and ongoing maintenance, web applications of all sizes - from simple websites to complex business platforms - are vulnerable to security risks and becoming redundant with outdated technologies. Our plans offer security updates, performance monitoring, emergency response to outages, and other support functions to protect your technical investment and extend your app’s life. Our larger plans are designed to meet the more robust needs of growing applications; providing expert assistance with data migration assistance, bug fixes, and user requests.

Contact us at to discuss our support plans and help determine the best fit for your organizations’ needs.
Softserv Pricing Plans

Tier 1

Our basic package to keep your app running includes:

A client onboarding call with SoftServ

Enrollment in our suite of enhanced server health monitoring tools to get ahead of potential outages

A monthly report of activities performed under our service agreement

Data backups for disaster recovery

24/7 on-call emergency support for downtime and critical failures

Tier 2

Keeps your app secure with security patching and critical software updates. Includes all Tier 1 services, plus:

Timely application of security patches and critical software updates

Tier 3

Offers peace of mind and lightens your technical burden by providing more attention to maintenance and minimizing downtime for your business. Includes all Tier 2 services, plus:

A broader range of updates and security patches

Update external API feeds and other dependencies that change in your application

Approximately 2 hours per month dedicated to remediating bugs or assisting with content updates

Additional hours and attention (approximately 4 hours) towards ops, server maintenance, app maintenance, updates, and patches

Tier 4

A package enhanced with more dedicated support hours for large and business-critical applications. This package is a fit for applications with a 24/7 international user base. Includes all Tier 3 services, plus:

Approximately 8 additional hours per month towards the services above

Availability for training and ad hoc advice

Monthly planning meetings with SoftServ to align priorities

Tier 5

A full support package for applications in a high growth mode. Tier 5 is a full-service support package for growing business applications and our data repository clients (Samvera). Includes all Tier 4 services plus:

Approximately 8 additional hours beyond Tier 4 for application support, client pairing and training, bug fixes, and other minor feature requests

Approximately 8 hours of support for data migration and other potential user additions or issues. Our data migration support can include:

  • Adding system users
  • Assistance with large or frequent content changes
  • Monitoring bulk data imports and remediating errors that stall them
  • Optimizing performance for data migration speed
  • Other Services

    Optional Maintenance Sprints

    It is common for clients to build up a wish list of bug fixes and feature requests that exceed their support Tier. SoftServ also offers separately-priced sprints for feature development or to tackle an accumulation of smaller issues. For maintenance sprints, we collaborate with the client to dene priorities and schedule a concentrated sprint of work outside of a support agreement to accommodate this type of work.

    Custom Packages

    If you don’t see a tier that works for you, contact us and we’ll help you determine what is the best solution for your application’s needs. Some clients handle their own app and server maintenance or outages within their internal IT, but still need some external expertise for training or development support. We’re happy to work with you and dene a customized support plan.

    Hosted Applications

    SoftServ also offers application hosting on the cloud. We’ll provision the server space, take care of deployments, and maintain the cloud account. Hosting costs are not included in the posted tier pricing, but can be added to any plan.

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